JCR Ferber Award Winners

The Robert Ferber Award competition is held annually in honor of one of the founders and the second editor of the Journal of Consumer Research. The award is given to the best interdisciplinary dissertation article published in the latest volume of JCR.


Winner: B. Kyu Kim, "Space, Time, and Intertemporal Preferences"
(Volume 39) December 2012

Judges: Gita Johar, Brian Sternthal, and Craig Thompson


Winner: Sarah Moore, "Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid: How Word of Mouth Influences the Storyteller"
(Volume 38) April 2012

Judges: Russ Belk, Dawn Iacobucci, and Rik Pieters


Winner: Anat Keinan, "Productivity Orientation and the Consumption of Collectable Experiences"
(Volume 37) April 2011

Honorable Mention:

David Faro, "Changing the Future by Reshaping the Past: The Influence of Causal Beliefs on Estimates of Time to Onset" (Volume 37) August 2010

Judges: Jennifer Aaker, Soren Askegaard, Hans Baumgartner


Honorable Mentions:

Brent McFerran, "I’ll Have What She’s Having: Effects of Social Influence and Body Type on the Food Choices of Others" (Volume 37) April 2010

Cassie Mogilner, "“The Time vs. Money Effect”: Shifting Product Attitudes and Decisions through Personal Connection" (Volume 36) October 2008

Judges: Guliz Ger, John Gourville, Rashmi Adaval
(No winner.)


Winner: Juliano Laran, "Behavioral Consistency and Inconsistency in the Resolution of Goal Conflict."
(Volume 35) April 2009

Honorable Mentions:

Rosellina Ferraro, "The Power of Strangers: The Effect of Incidental Consumer-Brand Encounters on Brand Choice" (Volume 35) February 2009

Maura Scott, "The Effects of Reduced Food Size and Package Size on the Consumption Behavior of Restrained and Unrestrained Eaters." (Volume 35) October 2008

Judges: Lauren Block, Robert Kozinets, Suresh Ramanathan


Winner: Joseph Redden, "Reducing Satiation: The Role of Categorization Level."
(Volume 34) February 2008

Honorable Mention:

Gustavo De Mello, "Threats to Hope: Effects on Reasoning about Product Information." (Volume 34) August 2007

Judges: Joseph Alba, Darren Dahl, John Sherry


Winner: Simona Botti, "When Choosing is Not Deciding: The Effect of Perceived Responsibility on Satisfaction."
(Volume 33) September 2006

Honorable Mention (2):

Davy Lerouge, "Why It Is So Hard to Predict Our Partner's Product Preferences: The Effect of Target Familiarity on Prediction Accuracy." (Volume 33) December 2006

Leonard Lee, "Shopping Goals, Goal Concreteness, and Conditional Promotions." (Volume 33) June 2006

Judges: Aimee Drolet, Frank Kardes, Wayne Hoyer


Winner: Natalie Ross Adkins, "The Low Literate Consumer." (Volume 32) June 2005

Judges: Susan Fournier, Stephen Hoch, Julie Edell Britton

2005 Winner: Ran Kivetz, "Promotion Reactance: The Role of Effort-Reward Congruity." (Volume 31) March 2005

Honorable Mention (3): 

David Crockett, "The Role of Normative Political Ideology in Consumer Behavior." Volume 31

Andrea Morales, "Giving Firms an 'E' for Effort: Consumer Responses to High Effort Firms." Volume 31

Americus Reed, II, "Activating the Self-Importance of Consumer Selves: Exploring Identity Salience Effects on Judgments." Volume 31

Judges: John Deighton, Stephen Nowlis, Joseph Priester

2004 Winner: Nicholas Lurie, "Decision Making in Information-Rich Environments." (Volume 30) March 2004

Honorable Mention (2): 

Kristin Diehl, "Smart Agents: When Lower Search Costs for Quality Information Increase Price Sensitivity." Volume 30

Gal Zauberman, "The Intertemporal Dynamics of Consumer Lock-In." Volume 30

Judges: Robert Fisher, Zeynep Gurhan-Canli, Ravi Dhar

2003 Winner: Christie Nordhielm, "The Influence of Level of Processing on Advertising Repetition Effects." (Volume 29) December 2002

Honorable Mention: Rebecca Hamilton, "Why Do People Suggest What They Do Not Want?" (Volume 29) March 2003

Judges: Joe Alba, Eric Greenleaf, John Sherry

2002 Winner: Rashmi Adaval, “Sometimes it Just Feels Right: The Differential Weighting of Affect Consistent and Affect-Inconsistent Product Information.” Volume 28 (June)

Judges: Itamar Simonson, Jeff Inman, Melanie Wallendorf

2001 Co-winners: Stijn van Osselaer, “Consumer Learning and Brand Equity.” Volume 27 (June)

Donnel Briley, “Reasons as Carriers of Culture: Dynamic versus Dispositional Models of Cultural Influence on Decision Making.” Volume 27 (September).

Honorable Mention (2): 

Dan Ariely, “Controlling the Information Flow: Effects on Consumers’ Decision Making and Preferences.” Volume 27 (September)

Elizabeth S. Moore, “Children, Advertising, and Product Experiences: A Multimethod Inquiry.” Volume 27 (June)

Judges: Eileen Fischer, Robert Meyer, Rao Unnava

2000 Winner: Mark Ritson, “The Social Uses of Advertising: An Ethnographic Study of Adolescent Advertising Audiences.” Volume 26 (December)

Honorable Mention: Parthasarathy Krishnamurthy, “Retrospection versus Anticipation: The Role of the Ad under Retrospective and Anticipatory Self-Referencing.” Volume 26 (June)

Judges: Russell Belk, Richard Lutz, Scott MacKenzie

1999 Winner: Kathryn A. Braun, “Postexperience Advertising Effects on Consumer Memory.” Volume 25 (March)

Honorable Mention (2): Michel Tuan Pham, “Representativeness, Relevance, and the Use of Feelings in Decision Making.” Volume 25 (September)

Nader Tavassoli, “Language in Multimedia: Interaction of Spoken and Written Information.” Volume 25 (June)

Judges: Terry Childers, Kevin Keller, Alice Tybout

1998 Winner: Mary Frances Luce, “ Choosing to Avoid: Coping with Negatively Emotion-Laden Consumer Decisions.” Volume 24 (March)

Honorable Mention (2): Susan Fournier, “Consumers and Their Brands: Developing Relationship Theory in Consumer Research.” Volume 24 (March)

L.J. Shrum, “The Effects of Television Consumption on Social Perceptions: The Use of Priming Procedures to Investigate Psychological Processes.” Volume 24 (March)

Judges: Peter Reingen, Terry Shimp, Peter Wright

1997 Winner: Patricia M. West, “Predicting Preferences: An Examination of Agent Learning.” Volume 23 (June)

Judges: Dipankar Chakravarti, Michael Houston, J. Wesley Hutchinson

1996 Winner: Ajay K. Sirsi, “Microcultural Analysis of Variation in Sharing of Causal Reasoning about Behavior.” Volume 22 (March)

Honorable Mention (3): Douglas B. Holt, “How Consumers Consume: A Typology of Consumption Practices.” Volume 22 (June)

A.V. Muthukrishnan, “Decision Ambiguity and Incumbent Brand Advantage.” Volume 22 (June)

Craig J. Thompson, “Caring Consumers: Gendered Consumption Meanings and the Juggling Lifestyle.” Volume 22 (March)

Judges: Chris Allen, Valerie Folkes, Dennis Rook

1995 Winner: Anusree Mitra, “Toward a Reconciliation of Market Power and Information Theories of Advertising Effects on Price Elasticity.” Volume 21 (March)

Honorable Mention: Lisa Penaloza, “Atravesando Fronteras/Border Crossings: A Critical Ethnographic Exploration of the Consumer Acculturation of Mexican Immigrants.” Volume 21 (June)

Judges: Eric Arnould, Stephen Hoch, J. Edward Russo

1994 Winner: Cynthia Huffman, “Goal-Oriented Experiences and the Development of Knowledge.” Volume 20 (September)

Judges: Robert Burnkrant, Ruth Ann Smith, Deborah MacInnis

1993 No winner.

Judges: Bill Bearden, Peter Reingen, Don Lehmann

1992 Winner:Robert E. Kleine III, “Contextual Influences on the Meanings Ascribed to Ordinary Consumption Objects.” Volume 18 (December)

Honorable Mention (2): David Glen Mick, “Levels of Subjective Comprehension in Advertising Processing and Their Relations to Ad Perceptions, Attitudes, and Memory.” Volume 18 (March)

Laura A. Peracchio, “How Do Young Children Learn to Be Consumers? A Script-Processing Approach.” Volume 18 (March)

Judges: Valerie Folkes, Mita Sujan, Morris Holbrook

1991 Winner: Jonathan K. Frenzen, “Purchasing Behavior in Embedded Markets.” Volume 17 (June)

Honorable Mention: Prakash Nedungadi, “Recall and Consumer Consideration Sets: Influencing Choice without Altering Brand Evaluations.” Volume 17 (December)

Judges: Julie Edell, Marvin Goldberg, Janet Wagner

1990 Winner: Itamar Simonson, “Choice Based on Reasons: The Case of Attraction and Compromise Effects.” Volume 16 (September)

Honorable Mention: Sung-Tai Hong, “Effects of Country-of-Origin and Product-Attribute Information on Product Evaluation: An Information Processing Perspective.” Volume 16 (September)

Judges: Gerald Gorn, Brian Sternthal, Esther Thorson

1989 Winner: Raymond R. Burke, “Competitive Interference and Consumer Memory for Advertising.” Volume 15 (June)

Honorable Mention (2): Chris Janiszewski, “Preconscious Processing Effects: The Independence of Attitude Formation and Conscious Thought.” Volume 15 (September)

Frank R. Kardes, “Spontaneous Inference Processes in Advertising: The Effects of Conclusion Omission and Involvement in Persuasion.” Volume 15 (September)

Judges: Terry Shimp, William Wells, Peter Wright

1988 Winner: Jacqueline Johnson Brown, “Social Ties and Word-of-Mouth Referral Behavior.” Volume 14 (December)

Honorable Mention: Elnora W. Stuart, “Classical Conditioning of Consumer Attitudes: Four Experiments in an Advertising Context.” Volume 14 (December).

Judges: C. Whan Park, Joseph Newman, Francesco Nicosia

1987 Co-Winners: Amitava Chattopadyay, “The Situational Importance of Recall and Inference in Consumer Decision Making.” Volume 15 (June)

Akshay Rao, “The Moderating Effect of Prior Knowledge on Cue Utilization in Product Evaluations.” Volume 15 (September)

Judges: Richard Bagozzi, Thomas Robertson, Alice Tybout

1986 No winner.

Honorable Mention (2): Kim P. Corfman, “Models of Cooperative Group Decision Making and Relative Influence: An Experimental Investigation of Family Purchase Decisions.” Volume 14 (June)

Kevin Lane Keller, “Memory Factors in Advertising: The Effect of Advertising Retrieval Cues on Brand Evaluations.” Volume 14 (December)

Judges: Bobby Calder, Ronald Frank, Seymour Sudman

1985 Winner: Christopher P. Puto, “The Framing of Buying Decisions.” Volume 14 (December)

Honorable Mention: Scott MacKenzie, “The Role of Attention in Mediating the Effect of Advertising on Attribute Importance.” Volume 13 (September)

Judges: Jerry Kernan, Marilynn Brewer, Eleanor Singer

1984 Winner: Merrie Brucks, “The Effects of Product Class Knowledge on Information Search Behavior.” Volume 12 (June)

Honorable Mention: Mita Sujan, “Consumer Knowledge: Effects on Evaluation Strategies Mediating Consumer Judgments.” Volume 12 (June)

Judges: Robert Zajonc, Sidney Levy, Joel Cohen

1983 Winner: Carl Obermiller, “Varieties of Mere Exposure: The Effects of Processing Style and Repetition on Affective Response.” Volume 12 (June)

Honorable Mention: Janet Wagner, “The Effectiveness of Family Life Cycle Variables in Consumer Expenditure Research.” Volume 10 (December)

Judges: William McGuire, Alvin Silk, Louis Wilde

1982 Winner: Rashi Glazer, “Multiattribute Perceptual Bias as Revealing of Preference Structure.” Volume 11 (June)

Judges: Jim Engel, Hal Kelley, Jerry Olson

1981 Winner:Valarie A. Zeithaml, “Consumer Response to In-Store Price Information Environments.” Volume 8 (March)

Judges: John Howard, Herbert Krugman, Everett Rogers

1980 No manuscripts eligible for judging.
1979 No Winner.

Honorable Mention: Seymour Fine, “Toward a Theory of Segmentation by Objectives in Social Marketing.” Volume 7 (June)

Judges: Al Madansky, John Robinson, Geitel Winaker

1978 Winner: Leigh McAlister, “Choosing Multiple Items from a Product Class.” Volume 6 (December)

Honorable Mention: Peter H. Webb, “Consumer Initial Processing in a Difficult Media Environment.” Volume 6 (December)

Judges: Robert Abelson, Herbert Blalock Jr., Richard Schmalensee