Robert Ferber Award Guidelines

All articles published in JCR that are based on a doctoral dissertation are eligible to be considered for the Robert Ferber Award. The first manuscript submission of an eligible article must have taken place within three years of the lead author receiving his or her doctoral degree.

The lead author must be the dissertation author, and it must be clear that this person has completed most of the work. Therefore, the author note must not state that all authors contributed equally to the paper (such a paper would be ineligible for the Ferber Award).

To be eligible for the Ferber Award, the following must be true:

Presented annually at the ACR awards luncheon, the Ferber Award is bestowed on the lead author of the best dissertation-based article published in the most recent volume of JCR. The winner receives $1,000, and honorable-mention recipients, if any, are awarded $500 each.

In addition to undergoing the same peer-review process as all JCR submissions, Ferber-eligible papers are evaluated by a panel of three distinguished consumer researchers representing a variety of disciplinary persuasions. The panel will judge candidate articles on interdisciplinary orientation, contribution to knowledge, organization and conciseness, and readability.

Previous Ferber Award Winners