Publicity Program

We encourage you to work with your university communications staff to prepare a press release and promote your accepted article to the media. However, we recommend waiting until your article has been assigned a DOI and posted to Advance Access.

Nontechnical Summary

Provide a brief (500- to 1,000-word) nontechnical summary of your accepted article that we may use to aid us in promoting your accepted article. This summary may also be forwarded to our publisher for promotion on the OUPblog and social media channels.

Use plain language and do not include any tables, figures, or citations. Include all of the following information:
  • Define the problem you were trying to address or solve.
  • Describe what you actually did (e.g., describe each study briefly).
  • What were the specific results of each study and what were your most important findings?
  • Why are these results important or interesting to a broader audience?
  • What are the implications for consumers, companies, policymakers, etc. (provide real-world examples)?
  • Some quotes that best express your thoughts about your results and their implications.
  • The article title and all author names at the top of your summary.
Publicity Contacts

Please provide contact information (names and emails only) for communications staff at both the school and university for each author as well as any reporters who may be interested in your article.

Media Mentions

If your article receives media coverage, please send media mentions to the editorial office.

We post media mentions of JCR articles on our publicity page and also promote them via Twitter, Facebook, and our email newsletter.