Trainee Reviewer Program

Regular reviewers at JCR have the opportunity to recommend a trainee reviewer by providing the trainee’s name and email when confirming a review. Reviewers should suggest advanced doctoral students (fourth year) or new assistant professors who have not reviewed previously for JCR.

The trainee’s request to review comes directly from the editorial office. A copy of the request will go to the adviser. The project is meant to assist advisers and advisees, providing an educational opportunity as well as a legitimate venue for learning how to do reviews. It’s very interesting for trainees to compare their reviews with the regular reviews. We’ve found that trainees are very serious and provide excellent reviews. The quality of regular reviews gets better when trainees are used and the trainee program also helps provide future reviewers for JCR.

Trainees do their own reviews (separate from the regular reviewer’s review). Trainee reviews do not replace regular reviews. The trainee review should be discussed after the final decision letter is sent at the end of the review process. If a revision is offered on the manuscript, the trainee will be asked to provide another review when the revision comes in.

Trainee reviews do not “count” in the usual way, but provide advanced doctoral students the opportunity to “ride along” during an actual review process and discuss the outcome with their advisers. Authors and the other reviewers all see the trainee review, just as the trainee sees the other review materials. The associate editor and editor do not comment on the trainee review other than to thank the trainee for participating in the program. Authors should not refer to the trainee review in any revision notes.

Doctoral students should ask their advisers to use them as trainee reviewers as soon as possible. If the student’s adviser does not review for JCR, students should contact the editorial office to see if we can find another person willing to serve as a mentor.