From the Editor-Elect

December 1999 JCR (Volume 26, number 3), p. iii

It has been nearly a decade since the JCR Statement of Review Philosophy was last updated. At the back of this issue is my revision of that document. Most of the changes I have made reflect the evolution of the field during recent years as well as new procedures by which the review process is administered through the editorial office. I hope our reviewers, authors, and readers find the document useful in the years ahead. I welcome further comments and suggestions on the content and implementation of JCR's review philosophy. We have initiated a number of other developments at JCR that relate to the review process specifically, and to the journal's operation as a whole. Most of these developments can be viewed on our website:

At the website, under the section titled Authors, there is the JCR Style Sheet as well as a regularly updated tracking system that permits authors to follow the progress of the review process for their submitted papers. Also, under the section titled Reviewers, there is the Reviewer Report Form and separate spaces for completing comments to the authors and to the editor, all of which can be completed and then submitted on an electronic basis by clicking on the submit button. In addition, under the section titled Associate Editors, we have developed a file that the associate editors can access by special password to inform them about the current (un)availability of reviewers, to expedite the process of selecting reviewers for newly submitted manuscripts. Other important information about JCR is available at the website, and we encourage all of our readers, authors, and reviewers to explore it. We also welcome comments and suggestions about the website, and these should be sent to

David Glen Mick 
July 1999